Some of the most popular corals amongst new and advanced marine hobbyists, ‘Large Polyp Stony’ corals add variety, movement and colour to any reef. With a vast range of species: Euphyllia (Torch, hammer, Frogspwn), Favia, Goniopora, Acanastrea, Wellsophyllia, etc, there is a coral for everyone’s taste. In LPS dominant systems, we recommend running nutrient levels a little higher than an SPS dominant system. This can be achieved by supplementation of nitrate or phosphate additives, minimizing use of protein skimming or heavy feeding/larger fish population. Water parameters on our 400 gallon LPS system are maintained at: calcium 430, alkalinity 8-8.5, magnesium 1350, salinity 1.025, Po4 .05-.1, No3 10-15

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