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Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium balance is essential to the health of your reef tank.

Many nutrients are depleted as coral grows in controlled environments; Fauna Marin has created the Balling Light System to help maintain levels of alkalinity, calcium and magnesium. This is a complete system, which can be used in conjunction with all common filter systems; it is simple and safe. With the Balling-Light method you add exactly the substances that are missing in the aquarium. Stabilize Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity to achieve healthy and colorful corals.

Dosing recommendation: Please read the How To Guide for th Ce Balling Light System here. Calculate individual aquarium Magnesium dosing needs with the Aquacalculator to prevent the dreaded Old Tank Syndrome, especially high-consumption basins that can be easily adapted and supplied. We recommend maintaining Mg between 1300 – 1350 mg/L (at 35 salinity).

  • Add 2 kg MAGNESIUM-MIX with 4L of RO water, mix well.
  • Once mixed, add more RO water up to the 5L mark. Container should have no more than 5L total.
  • Note: Mag Sulfate not needed in new method. Trace 1-3 are not needed in this container.

If using other balling salts start by adding magnesium, then calcium and lastly carbonate; there should be at least an interval of approx. 10 minutes between dosages. Test regularly with the highly accurate Fauna Marin AquaHome Test Kit CaMg.

For the Balling Light System:
ALK/KH 10ml/100 litres + 0.5 dkH
CA 10 ml/100 litres + 18 mg/L
MG 10 ml/100 litres + 5 mg/L

Technical Data
Storage: Store dry and tightly closed.

Safety Information: In the event of eye contact rinse gently with water for several minutes. Remove any contact lenses if possible. Continue rinsing. Keep out of the reach of children. Not suitable for human consumption.


Want to know more about Fauna Marin Balling salts?

Our salts comply with pharmaceutical purity levels and are packaged accordingly. We do not only pay attention to the data sheet, but also control organic and inorganic trace elements as well as the effectiveness of the salts.

With Fauna Marin Balling-Light salts you get the purest special salts available for marine aquaristics. In our salts we additionally use bioactive stabilizers, pH buffers and special minerals, which significantly increase the stability of the chemical parameters in the aquariums. The added trace elements remain more stable in solution and are therefore more readily available to the corals.

By the use of our salt mixtures you supply minerals and trace elements, which are missing or only limited available. The addition of bioactive components and the purity of our salts prevent darkening of the corals and increase their growth and colour formation. Fauna Marin Balling salts are unique.

  •     more effective due to high-purity salts with the lowest water content
  •     Salt mixtures for better stability of important parameters
  •     matched to modern sea salts
  •     stable pH value
  •     supply of bioactive substances for better colour development and coral growth

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