Major Elements



Safe and Precise Correction with Soluble and Particulate Phosphate!


Fauna Marin Elementals P² is a highly concentrated bi-phosphate suspension for marine aquariums, designed to individually balance existing phosphate deficiencies.

Now with an improved formula!

Starting now, you can get Elementals P² with a new and improved formula:

  • The 2-phase suspension provides both particulate AND dissolved phosphate.
  • Elementals P² must be shaken well before dosing.

Dosing Recommendations: Please read the manual very carefully.
1ml per 100L will increase Phosphate content by 0.01mg/L. Maximum daily dose: +0.02mg/l

Note: Check the actually necessary amounts before each use and do not overdose. Although this technique is very gentle, an overdose may kill corals. Check your water parameters with the Aquacalculator.

Technical Data
Safety Information: Keep away from children and pets.


Want to know about Fauna Marin’s Elementals Series?

The Elementals series is designed for use with regular ICP analysis. The Fauna Marin ICP analysis helps you to keep your aquarium perfectly supplied.

In addition to the measured valuesFauna Marin ICP analysis provides you with all necessary dosage recommendations including the salts of the macro elements calcium, magnesium and carbonate hardness, we also offer a number of  elements whose function is essential in saltwater aquaria.

In contrast to trace elements such as iron, zinc or vanadium, macroelements are present in seawater in concentrations of more than 1 mg/l. These include, for example bromine, boron, potassium or strontium. The function of these elements can be very different. In the knowledge database on the Fauna Marin website you will find an overview of the respective function of the individual elements.

Macroelements can be contained in many different substances and can therefore also enter the aquarium water. However, despite their necessary concentration in the watertheir deficiency can cause considerable problems. An adequate supply of all important elements is therefore indispensable for a healthy reef aquarium.

Our single element solutions consist of purest raw materials, which are produced with the appropriate organic or inorganic compounds depending on the function of the elements. For production and quality control we use our coral farm and of course our own ICP laboratory.

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