With many years of perfecting our shipping techniques and narrowing down the most reliable couriers/cargo agencies, we ship with confidence across Canada. For remote locations or provinces further east from Quebec, please check with us before placing an order to confirm we can reach your location via overnight shipping.

Table Rate (FedEx or Purolator): The table rate lowers as the order total goes up, all the way to free shipping for orders of $500+. Table rate is as follows:

Spend $100-199.99: $60
Spend $200-249.99: $55
Spend $250-299.99: $50
Spend $300-349.99: $45
Spend $350-399.99: $40
Spend $400-449.99: $35
Spend $450-499.99: $30
Spend $500+ FREE!

Harbour Air Same Day Shipping (BC only: Richmond and downtown Vancouver pickup) select “Harbour Air” at checkout. This Service is charged collect to the customer, however, this method still qualifies for free shipping on orders $500+

FREE Canada-wide shipping for orders $500+! (there may be some exceptions for heavy or sensitive orders requiring services such as West Jet Cargo, Air Canada Cargo or morning priority)

West Jet Cargo Shipping. This method is recommended for high value, extra heavy or group orders. Please check with us before choosing this method, as not all airports are applicable. Rates are $120, $60 for orders $500+ and Free for orders $850+.

We reserve the right to deny full coverage of ‘free shipping’ in the the case of extra heavy shipments or orders going to remote areas.