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Bacto Reef Therapy is a speciality mix of bacteria cultures for all kind of marine aquaria.

The mix of halophilic and probiotic bacteria cultures, removes waste products derived from fish food and helps with degradation of particulate organic deposits and accumulate detritus. Additionally, the long term build up of organic waste is reduced and the amount of pathogens are lowered reducing fish and coral diseases.

Bacto Reef Therapy is a super efficient and concentrated mix; bacteria achieve their highest activity levels shortly after the initial dosage.

  • Breaks down organic waste and pollutants.
  • Hydrolytic enzymes and special nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria for quick nutrient removal
  • No “rotten egg” odor.
  • Enhanced growth and better colors for fish and corals.
  • Reduces the long term build up of detritus and anaerobic waste products.

Dosing Recommendation: Regular dosing is 3ml/100 Litres weekly.
New Aquarium/Treatment Dosage
Day 1-Day 3: 10ml/100 Litres (26.5 US gal). Once days 1-3 are complete wait for 3 days then dose 5ml/100 Litres (26.5 US gal)

Tanks older then 2 years
Dose 30% of “Regular Dosing” and increase slowly over several weeks.

Note: For best results dose in conjunction with Bacto Reef Blend.

Technical Data
Ingredients: Water, billions of powerful pollutant degrading bacteria per ml and enzyme compounds.

Safety instructions: Do not inhale or swallow. Avoid skin and eye contact. Keep away from children.

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