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Reef Raft USA Firecracker:
Not a person can walk by our SPS System without commenting on the RRU Firecracker! We first acquired this coral in about 2019, from another hobbyist who brought it back from the US. The Firecracker is characterized by it’s bright red-pink colouration, highly contrasting neon yellow polyps and under the right lighting, growth tips will appear blue. The growth structure resembles a ‘bottlebrush’ formation, similar to many deepwater acropora species.

Care Requirements:

The RRU Firecracker is a fairly hardy acropora, but is not recommended for the beginner SPS keeper, as some people have reported it to be finicky (not us though!). It is a fast grower once axial tip growth takes off. We keep our grow out colonies under approximately 250-300mm of par. For optimal colouration and growth, we recommend moderate to high flow and very stable parameters. This coral seems to be at its most optimal when nutrient levels are consistent, somewhere in the range of NO3 (2-5ppm) and PO4 (.02-.05ppm). Too high phosphates or an unbalanced nutrient ratio can cause it to turn kind of greenish.

The RRU Firecracker definitely sits high on our top ten all-time acropora list. A definite must have for any serious SPS collector. Frags of this SPS coral will be approximately 3/4-1”, usually with more than one branch.