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RTN/STN X is a protective agent that acts against tissue necrosis in corals.

The special composition of this product interferes with developmental processes of the parasites and fungi involved and at the same time strengthens the corals’ defences. Effective on soft corals and sea anemones; stony corals SPS/LPS and azooxanthellate corals.

Dosing Recommendations: Please carefully read and follow the “How To Use” guide on RTN/STN X.
15 ml/100 l aquarium volume daily for 7-10 days, add directly into a strong current area. Remove activated carbon from the system during treatment. However, skimmer, adsorber filter materials and UV sterilizer can still be in operation.

Note: In addition, you can use Bacto Therapy daily during this treatment, 3 ml/100 L aquarium volume.We recommend a treatment period of 7-10 days. If necessary, the treatment can be continued. RTN/STN X is applied in the aquarium and is safe to use. Other tank inhabitants will not be affected.

Technical Data
Ingredients: Water, Zinc, Chelators and pyridine-2-thiol-1-oxide.

Safety Information: Only for use in marine aquaria; do not introduce into open waters. Keep away from children.

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