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BigR Walt Disney:

Walt Disney is one of the most popular acropora corals in the hobby. It was originally named by Mike Bigger (BigR Corals RIP!) in about 2015. This fast growing and hardy strain of acropora tenuis has been grown, fragmented, traded and sold all across North America. Walt Disney is characterized by it’s yellow-orange polyps, green base, orange to pink radial corallites and a bright blue axial growth tip. This coral responds well to fragging and readily puts out new growth tips when cut.

Care Requirements:
The Walt Disney coral is tolerant of a wide range of conditions and can exhibit vastly different colouration from one system to another. For lighting, we recommend a par range from 200-400 mm of par. It’s colours pop best under a deeper blue LED spectrum, but don’t be misled by internet photos, when properly coloured up, Mr. Disney looks great under any light or schedule. Flow should be thorough and moderate, keeping all polyps moving constantly. Be mindful, as too much flow will inhibit polyp extension. In order to keep Walt Disney at optimal health, ensure that the system has some readings of NO3 (2-10ppm) and PO4 (.02-.1ppm). We do not find it necessary to direct feed this coral, however it may benefit from the occasional direct or broadcast feeding.

Due to its hardiness, vibrant colour and fast growth, we consider the Walt Disney Acropora to be on of the best all-time acropora for your reef aquarium. Frags of this SPS coral will be approximately 1”, usually with more than one branch, but please message us if you are looking for a larger piece.

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